Aðalfundur 28. apríl

Aðalfundur Hellarannsóknafélags Íslands verður haldinn eftir 3 vikur, fimmtudaginn 28. apríl.

Á dagskrá verða hefðbundin aðalfundarstörf, yfirlit yfir helstu atburði ársins 2015 auk þess að sýndar verða áður óséðar myndir úr hellum, bæði nýfundnum sem og gömlum.

Fundurinn hefst kl. 20.00.

2 thoughts on “Aðalfundur 28. apríl

  1. Coming from America, member of national spelunking society as well as member of northeastern cave conservatory.
    Looking for some cool public caves we can do without guides.
    We will be coming at the end of January

  2. We, too, are coming from the U.S. and were hoping to go someplace without a guide. We are part of the National Speleological Society (NSS). We were active cavers, but now have our 7 year old with us and are so-so cavers. :-) We will be in Reykjavik next week. We may use some of your suggestions from the site. Thanks! If anyone would like to join us, particularly families, please let us know and we will try to reach out to you as we travel. Eigðu góðan dag!

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